Search Engine Marketing – What is it and how does it work?

Positioning a web page on the Internet is not an easy process. There are many factors involved to consider. One of the many resources available for this is search engine marketing .

However, what does this type of marketing consist of, and what is its fundamental purpose? Keep reading and find out the key aspects of search engine marketing.

What is search engine marketing?

Basically it is a digital marketing strategy aimed at getting a better flow of traffic to a website from search engines.

It is itself, the marketing of a business through the use of advertising on search engines like Google. Consequently, it is considered the easiest and fastest method to obtain a larger audience, and position yourself ahead of the competition.

Search engine marketing is derived from the English term Search Engine Marketing (SEM) , which, as mentioned, is the process of marketing a business on the Internet through paid advertisements on search engines.

Therefore, said digital strategy allows websites to appear at the top of the list of results in search engines when users enter certain keywords or phrases.

Put another way, search engine marketing allows a web page, a product, or a service to become more visible in search engine results.

Thanks to this, websites can receive a greater number of visitors coming precisely from search engines. And by having a higher number of visitors, there is a greater chance that sales will increase.

How search engines work?

The first thing a search engine does is  analyze all the information that is on the web pages  using spider, robot or crawler programs, so when the user enters a keyword in the search engine it is able to  find those pages that contain that  keyword . Then  it creates an index or list where it orders all the results , which are links that redirect to the web that contains information related to the search performed.

Both the order of the results and the web pages that are displayed as a result depend on the criteria of the search engine that is used, such as the number of times the keyword appears in the text, the quality of the links, the number of visits that receives the site…

Taking maximum care of the content of a web page is usually key to improving the positioning in the  SERP , which is the page where the search results are displayed. For this reason, SEO work is so important, since the first links that appear in the SERP are the ones that generate the most web traffic.

How does search engine marketing work?

The goal of search engine marketing is to display a website’s ads on search engine results pages. The foregoing provided that users make a query using certain keywords in the search engine.

This implies that advertising campaigns can be carried out focused on certain key terms. Therefore, whenever users search for those particular keywords, the website’s ad will be displayed on the results pages.

On the other hand, it is very easy to identify a search result that is a consequence of search engine marketing. These types of results always include the word Advertisement next to the url of the website that has paid for the advertisement.

Now, several paid search results can appear from different websites, and for the same keyword. This is because brands and companies can run search engine advertising campaigns with similar keyword terms.

In the case of search engines, they also have different methods to determine the number of paid search results. More often than not, these types of search engine results outperform organic rankings.

Despite this, there are cases in which the results with paid ads can be shown below the organic results, which are usually achieved through SEO.

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