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Wifi is the umbilical cord of modern world.

A well designed and deployed wireless solution plays a pivotal role in today’s fast moving and rapidly changing business necessities. WLAN ensures the mobility, collaboration, agility and efficiency to accelerate the business operations. WLAN empowers you to respond rapidly to frequent and new business needs.

Zeal Sol starts with an understanding of your business and technical requirements for a wireless network. We do understand that no two business are same in requirements that is why our network staff helps you to plan, design and implement a secured wireless setup for your organization to keep it available to your customers and users from all grounds in or out.

We can offer you proposed WIFI design considering security between CORPORATE and GUEST WIFI. Zeal Sol wireless setup includes indoor, outdoor, lightweight, autonomous access points, and easily configurable and manageable wireless LAN controllers (WLC).

Wireless is freedom. It’s about being unleashed from the telephone cord and having the ability to be virtually anywhere when you want to be.

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Cloud Computing

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Network Consultancy

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Annual Maintenance Contract

Zeal Sol offers wide range of AMCs including hardware, software, remote & onsite technical supports. Moreover, we can have customized AMC solutions according to your requirements.

Infrastructure Cabling

ebsite built, please refer to a aesthetically designed and attractive website, as it gives your visitor cent percent interest and usability that is why you are able to get business from ...

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